Visiting OTWorld 2022 in Leipzig

A pciture of me at the OTWorld 2022.

We were at the OTWorld 2022 trade show in Leipzig, Germany, the largest and leading international industry platform for manufacturers, distributors and service providers in modern assistive technology.

Raphael and I visited the OTWorld 2022 in Leipzig from May 10 to May 13. OT stands for “orthopedics”. Accordingly, the OTWorld audience ranges from orthopedic and rehabilitation technicians to healthcare product distributors and engineers, to physicians and physical therapists. There were an overwhelming number of 440 exhibitors from 36 different countries at the show. In addition, there has been a wide range of seminars, presentations and interviews with patients.

Concerning Semanux, we mainly explored the state of the art in hand and arm prostheses. There was a wide range on offer for this at OTWorld. macu4 AG showed modular prostheses from the 3D printer that are particularly suitable for children. In contrast, “Adam’s Hand” from BionIT Labs S.r.l. features two motors that enable active grasping of different objects. Even more flexible was the hand prosthesis from Vincent Systems GmbH, which can perform a wide variety of gestures via a smartwatch. None of the prostheses presented, though, allows intuitive and effective operation of computers and the Web. Therefore, we see great potential for Semanux to greatly complement the functionality of hand and arm prostheses!

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Ramin Hedeshy
Ramin Hedeshy
PhD Candidate

My research interests include Human-Computer Interactions, accessibility and artificial intelligence.