Patent: Computer-implemented method and system for hands-free selection of a control on a screen


The present invention relates to a computer-implemented method for the hands-free selection of a control element (21) displayed on a screen (2), based on a multimodal selection method with three non-contact selection modalities, and to a system for data processing, comprising: at least one computer (1); a screen (2) connected thereto; at least one video camera (3) connected to the computer (1); at least one sensor (4) connected to the computer (1) for detecting a control signal (64) exchanged without contact with the sensor (4); and at least one storage device, the storage device storing computer-readable instructions that, when executed by the at least one computer (1), cause the at least one computer (1) to perform operations in accordance with said method. It advantageously makes it possible to improve the input accuracy of a contactless control command input to a computer (1), which is initially based on the determination of a user’s viewing position, exclusively via further contactless interaction with the computer (1), with only commercially available computer accessories such as a webcam being used for technical implementation is needed.

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Ramin Hedeshy
Ramin Hedeshy
PhD Candidate

My research interests include Human-Computer Interactions, accessibility and artificial intelligence.